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The one way to know your recruitment process will FAIL

HR and Talent confession. You have a recruitment process that looks like the image above. Admit it, you either have one or had one in your HR past. I remember a time at a big company where I was trained on a recruitment process that had more steps in it than emails in your inbox. It took years for me to open my mind... Here's the deal...

The stronger your recruiting team, the less corporate process you need. When the recruiting team and hiring managers have great relationships, people trust each other and trust that each one will do the right thing. When people can recruit talent in an autonomous and entrepreneur way, the more top talent you will attract. The more people know how to work with each other, the less process you need.

People attract people. Processes do not attract people. Strong trust and culture kills any process. Weak culture equals heavy process and abundance of rules.

Do you have a recruitment process that looks like this? Fail.