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14 Kick-Ass Social Butterflies You Need To Greet at #HRTechConf [2nd Edition]

Social Butterflies at HR Tech are people who can habitually flirt with any HR Technology vendor or buyer, but not take themselves too seriously. They have influence, large social networks and of course create killer content. Make sure Social Butterflies see your technology. [Tweet "Social Butterflies can flirt with tech vendors or buyers, but not take themselves too seriously. "]

Below are 14 Kick-Ass Social Butterflies who will be at HR Tech next week along with my commentary based on quick interactions with them over the years...

Not at HR Tech? Then Twitter them. See list below in no particular order of importance.

HR Hound's list of Social Butterflies to meet at HR Tech:

Social Butterfly #1: Steve Boese

Tough, no bullshit guy who can have fun too. I smoked a cigar with him once. Even had a chance to be on his podcast. Plus...he is now the co-chair of the HR Tech show. Greet him.

Social Butterfly #2: Holger Mueller

A serious smart guy who knows technology. I met him at HireVue's Disruption conference this past June. He was brief, bright and gone with his input on technology.

Social Butterfly #3: Jason Averbook

Listened to him speak three times in two years, have chatted with a few times and even read his book. Have you wrote a book? Probably not. Jason is a trendsetter.

Social Butterfly #4: Jessica Miller-Merrell

One time we hung out on a rainy night in Austin at SXSW both chasing down a cool wine tasting party. Jessica is a take charge woman who gets shit done. She is an early adopter of technology. Greet her.

Social Butterfly #5: John Sumser

Cool guy who can stir up a room with different ideas than the rest of the group (circa Frontier Nation, Omaha May 2013). He is smart and has influence. Greet him. See if he still has a pony tail...

Social Butterfly #6: Kris Dunn

Trendsetter, go getter and serious player. He has given me great advice over the years. Tough to reach, but he locks in once you reach him. Greet him.

Social Butterfly #7: Laurie Ruettimann

Great writer. The last time I saw her was on an elevator at HR Tech 2013. She was nice, I gave her my elevator pitch and she flew off like a butterfly.

Social Butterfly #8: Madeline Laurano

I met her at HireVue's Disruption conference this past June. Nice, smart and approachable. Didn't go deep because she had to fly away to meet other connections.

Social Butterfly #9: Matt Charney

Snarky with a purpose and has a witty charm about him. He likes the Los Angeles Lakers as do I, so we have that connection. Good to have diverse interests outside of the HR Tech space...

Social Butterfly #10: Sarah White

Classy and genuine. Anytime I have met up with Sarah she is sharp and genuine in her dealings. Knows technology and writes about technology.

Social Butterfly #11: Trish McFarlane

Caring, cultivating and a compassionate leader. She opened doors for me awhile back out of the kindness of her heart. She is a wonderful way to be in life.

Social Butterfly #12: William Tincup

A good and authentic person. Smart, fast and witty in person and on social media. Authentic and you get what you see with Tincup. Greet him. He greets back. Great person to be around.

Social Butterfly #13: Tim Sackett

He looks like a bishop, but cusses like a sailor. He is from Detroit so of course he carries a "tude". Tim is someone who can talk smack and leave it in the conference room. He is snarky, smart and comes with real experience on how to recruit. He is a good Mang.

Social Butterfly #14: China Gorman

China is a leader. She is now the CEO of A Great Place to Work Institute and has done tremendous work in the HR space. Back in her days when she was the COO of SHRM, she seemed to bring SHRM out of the dark ages with technology. Greet her.

The people on this list are people like you or me who have influence and expertise. Several other important Social Butterflies exist (You know who you are) and vendors/buyers should greet them and/or meet them. I could/might do another post on who I missed, but that's it for now. Happy Friday.

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