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24 Divas and Ballers to Know in HR Technology at #HRTechConf [3rd Edition]

#HRTechConf Trending Divas, your female version of a Vegas hustler. Ballers, your male version of a Vegas guy who has made it big.

24 Divas and Ballers are getting after it on the HR Tech Exhibit floor. They walk the floor, then hustle social media to draw attention to #HRTechConf peeps, vendors, buyers and the rest of the universe. Yesterday, they made #HRTechConf trend on the Twitter (see #3 on the trend list to your left).

The theme at #HRTechConf is Big Data so I have used a "Big Data" approach for people who are at a conference to talk about "Big Data". Big Data is everywhere...

Using the app, Social Bro, I came up with the 24 Divas and Ballers to connect with this week and beyond. Based on analytics via their tweets, replies, mentions and hashtags about HR Tech, these 24 Divas and Ballers are the major influencers who made #HRTechConf trend on the Twitter.

Before you read the list below, know the following. The Green box under a person's name represents Kred Influence (Similar to a Klout score, but Kred is 0 to 1000). Kred measures someone's influence. The Blue box under a person's name represents level of outreach (Score of 0 to 11). Basically the higher this number, the more likely it is they will respond/reply to you.

Meghan Biro dominates all Divas and Ballers. Some Divas and Ballers are so good they don't even show up to HR Tech (Wink to Stacy Zapar). Others like Maren Hogan will confront you head on about her Diva status. Out of Canada, a Baller like @JeffWaldmanHR  is in his own category because this list is U.S. focused. Let's just call Jeff Waldman the Steve Nash of HR Tech for now. He has game like Nash...

Without further ado, below are the HR Hound's 24 Divas and Ballers to Know in HR Technology.

 12 Divas:

Divas at HR Tech

12 Ballers:

12 Ballers

Credit my amigo Gabe Villamizar for compiling this list. Gabe is a social media assassin with supernormal social media skills.

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