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NO Technology is better than BAD Technology [#DF14 Edition]

Less is more when it comes to technology solutions to serve an organization. Better yet, no technology is better than bad technology... Donna Morris, SVP of People at Adobe killed their annual performance review process and the bad technology behind it. She realized that managers would save 80,000 hours per year by not using it. People. Do. Not. Miss. It.

No technology-->No complaints. You have an empty lot where you can build your house.

Bad technology-->Lots of complaints and lots of excuses on why people can't do their jobs right.

The real question is...Are you ready to decide if you should STOP using bad technology and replace it with no technology? This will get you to an empty lot where you can decide what you want to do with the empty lot. Kind of like building a new house from scratch.

Do you have enough support in terms of people at your organization that will be happy with your decision? Will these people miss the bad technology? Find out.

A technology solution that drives connections with people to make your business go faster, save you money, increase revenue or hire better people at a faster rate, is good technology.

I just spent last week with thousands of experts in technology, talent, marketing and HR. Many of them are unhappy with their technology, but yet many of them will not stop using their bad technology. They want to add good technology to their bad technology (i.e., ATS-Applicant Tracking Systems) in hopes of making it work better.

How do you know if your technology is bad? Find out how many people are connected to the technology. In other words, if you kill it tomorrow who will miss it?

As a leader in technology for your business you have 2 options.

1) Keep the bad technology and be good with mediocre.

2) Have no technology and be confident enough to come to work naked (that's what it will feel like at first). This will allow you to start with an empty lot where you can build your own technology or find someone to build it for you.

Technology that drives connections of people to people will prevail. Technology that does not connect people is bad and it needs to go.

No technology is better than bad technology. Playing it safe with bad technology is risky.