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3 Ways To Be Creative In Recruitment Marketing [#InTalent Edition]

I just snuggled back into my home in Salt Lake City after being with 4,000 of my closest recruiting and marketing friends in San Francisco. I was at a LinkedIn event called Talent Connect or #InTalent for people on the Twitters. Everyone says Talent Connect is crazy, but since this is my second conference along with several other conferences this time of year, I found the craziness to be in line with my idea of order. Order to me is a healthy mix of getting shit done, dreaming big and having fun. Didn't Jeffery Weiner write about that?...

Fueled by the #InTalent event, below are the HR Hound's 3 Ways To Be Creative in recruiting and marketing.

1. Modern Marketing + Recruiting? This is the Best Couple.

I kicked off #VueNation at the event. VueNation is the official name of our employment brand that is closely aligned with our marketing team. This is phase 1 of HireVue's employment branding plan. See Haiku deck below. Much more work to be done with the social assassin @Gabe.  ATTRIVUTES - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

2. Storytelling is king. Nicknames are queen.

Credit @J1Berger for his killer insight and presentation. In short, people remember stories, not your product. Catchy names help too...

A simple way to show you this is to tell you a story about a Dark Pony. My Business Development partner, Mike Henneman, was tasked with developing our partner relationship with LinkedIn and would often disappear from our activities for various meetings. He would go dark for a couple hours then gallup back to us with great news and charm. Every time he did this we called it a Dark Pony. Mike is now the Dark Pony...

I will not remember the boring business stuff we talked about AND I will not forget the Dark Pony stories.

3. Relationships make the world go round.

One keynote speaker, Father Gregory Boyle, talked about the "kinship" and how we need to engage with others as equals. He shared various stories about his work with ex-gang members to help them find their way in life. This was not a talk about religion. He shared good shit for all walks of life.

Oh and speaking of equals and stories. We had a HireVue VIP dinner on Monday night for customer, prospects, friends and a surprise visitor with a homeless man. Yes, a social media savvy homeless man who got word of our dinner through social media and sat at our table. We welcomed him with open arms until he decided to not treat us as equals with mean and hurtful comments. So we asked him to leave. Thankful Big John was there in case it got rowdy.

Want more stories?  Follow @VueNation or use the hashtag #VueNation to become part of the HireVue tribe. AND if you tell me you found us through #VueNation...Let's talk via phone.