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The Everyday Billboard Job You Pursue

The job that will make you famous with your picture on a billboard is the job everyday people like you pursue. Too often people work hard, pour their personal lives into their professional lives and it all becomes one. They are their profession and when their profession is gone, their life is gone. So is the billboard. When you retire...

Your golf will get boring OR whatever your sport is.

Your social outlets can only be so social, but at night you are still alone.

Your kids will be living their lives successfully.

Your partner will be doing his/her thing some of the time, but not all of the time.

Your books, blogs and news articles you read will stop stimulating you.

Your time at the gym will only be 1 hour or so out of the day. What do you do with the other 23 hours?

Your travel will be limited with time and money.

The mindset should be to do work that you enjoy and to do work that helps someone do something. Doing something for fame or pursuit of money is a path full of evil people masked with nice faces. Yes, money is good but corporate America tricks us into thinking we want to be like everyday people. Also, many religions do it with famous preachers, etc. What cause are these executives and preachers about?

The person on the website or the billboard is most likely the everyday person who pursued fame, but did not have a cause. We think they are happy and successful, but we do not know their real purpose or cause for people. Utah seems to have many faces on billboards. #Just saying.

Watch old video clips of Steve Jobs (Apple) and Steve Ballmer (Microsoft). Which Steve did what they did for the cause and which Steve did what they did for the fame? Jobs cared about making the best personal computers more than he cared about Apple the company or his picture on a billboard.

Do work with a cause and align your work with what you enjoy. Faces on billboards or some documentary or reality TV show are jobs for everyday people. Anyone remember Puck from MTV's Real World? He is the guy to the far left. Enough said.

And what if you get highlighted by someone because of your good work? Then let it be, but do not let it "be" who you "be".