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#VueNation: Your Culture on Friday should make you look forward to Monday

Good morning, it's Friday. 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work and 38% of engaged workers are more likely to have above average productivity. Pathetic culture. Could you imagine working on a 10 person team and 7 of them are checked out? Nobody would want to work on Monday. Meanwhile at HireVue, our #VueNation Haiku Deck on culture made it on Haiku Deck's featured gallery. That's cool beans, but as you know living the values and culture is harder than printing the values and culture.

#VueNation is how we brand our people at my company HireVue, no matter what we are up to. It's how you can see our values play out on a real-time basis because we are writing our adventure as we speak. It's not a static quote on a website about what we think of our culture. Static is too slow and fake for us...

#VueNation is a hashtag where you can see the unfiltered life of people at HireVue. What about the 70% of U.S. workers who are not engaged at work? They do not work at HireVue. The few that sneak in, do not last.

It's Friday, do work like you are engaged today. Strong cultures like what they see on Friday, but also what they get to do on Monday. Congrats to the 26 people we just on-boarded. They came across the U.S. and the U.K. to get on-board. See you guys/gals on Monday, if not sooner.

PS - Below is our Haiku Deck. #VueNation spirit today. Have a good weekend.

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