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The One Policy Your Company Does Not Have

Many companies create policies and procedures that allow bureaucracy to creep in and before you know it everything becomes a "management" decision. In your society of work, life etc. you have the privilege to make decisions about your life, but the minute you choose to allow others to make your decisions you lose the privilege... It is your privilege to think. It hurts to think and making decisions requires thinking...The bigger the decision is to you, the more you think and the more it hurts. Sometimes you cry because it hurts so bad and ask "management" to make a policy. Management listens and makes a policy for you and others so you do not have to think hard anymore. Show up to work, follow the rules then go home.

The popular "No Vacation" policy at start-ups as an example. Some people just can't handle not being told how many days they should take off or how many days they should take off if they are sick. They yearn for that one rule, that one paragraph or section of a document or book that will take away their suffering and pain of thinking. Damn, it hurts to think.

How about focus on building trust instead of building policies and/or making sure people follow the rules? Ponder that.

Often when I think of words to write, phrases to use, or stories to share my mind hurts. Contrarily, when I do not think about what I should write or what I should say my mind does not hurt. The words just flow out like water in a river going down a big ass mountain. Kind of like right now. Words are just coming from my mind to my key board...

This one policy is for all the policy seekers. The people stuck in oppression. The people who want a rule for life so they can find their like minded people with their like minded rules and think they are the only ones living life the right way. The people who want to compare what they are doing to all the other companies or people in their industry or world. The one policy that is never written down is the policy "to think".

No policies will change you or your company. You have to change you. We have to change us. I have to change me. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. You have to think more, but if you don't think good then don't think too much...

Does your company have a policy that encourages you to think? Think about it.

PS - A little Johnny Cash remake of the NIN song, "Hurt" will make you think about hurting. Listen below if you are Spotify.