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A form of audio that can replace radio, #DTHR

There are people who listen to radio and there are people who use dial-up internet. One is like Pedro and one is like Napoleon Dynamite. Two peas in a pod. With so many Spotifiy stations, Pandora channels, podcasts and free downloads...why would anyone listen to radio? Eleven years ago I paid to advertise jobs on the radio. It was damn expensive, but the word got out. People had to listen to our advertisement about selling Pepsi-Cola soda, but few people applied to our jobs and many people had to listen to our message. Now they don't.

People who have left radio can avoid the endless commercials and the top 40 songs for everyday people. These people are waiting for you to create something for them to listen to. These people are disconnected from each other, but open to connecting with each other. They just need someone to connect them and their interests.

How about blog talk radio? Anyone can host their own radio show. I know this because I was just a guest on DriveThruHR. Click HERE to listen, it goes live today at 12PM Central. Follow it via social at #DTHR. I shared my views on scaling a company, life in the big company vs. the small company and talked about turds in a room and how long they can last...

DriveThruHR is for people who want to hear about HR technology, recruiting, culture, leadership, talent management, strategic HR, etc. Credit @bryanwempen, @williamtincup and Nisha (@TheHrbuddy) for being the host of this long standing and successful show.

If this form of audio is not your niche, then don't listen. You have that choice. But if you are looking to get connected to others outside of radio and dial-up, then come on over red rover.

Lastly. What is mind blowing, is right now I am 10K feet on a plane en route to Tulsa listening to Spotify stations. How's that for audio?