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Sleep harder than the competition

Sleep is the chief at the table. Too little sleep is associated with illness and poor attention at work. Too much sleep you have the same effect. How much sleep do you need? About 7.2 hours... The everyday people you surround yourself with probably does not get 7.2 hours of sleep. They either get less than 7 or perhaps over 9 hours of sleep. Too much sleep (over 9) is not good either.

Sufficient sleep is no guarantee you will get a promotion or that killer sales deal, but good things happen to those who get sleep. So why don't people get enough sleep? Because it's not cool to brag about a good night's sleep.

Think about it everyone. Most talks at work are about how little sleep a person got the night before. Bob tells everyone he got 4 hours in hopes he will be seen as a stud while Sally claims she gets 5 hours to show how hard she works. Usually Bob and Sally are boring people to be around.

Nobody announces they got 7-8 hours of sleep. That is because not many people get 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleep different than everyone else. Shoot for 7.2 hours.

Sleep harder my friends. Good luck.