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3 thoughts on your Hump-Day

It's Hump Day (Wednesday) and the light at the end of the tunnel to your weekend is near. You might be at school closing out finals or at work closing out some end of year projects or deals. It's Hump day...ahh and it looks like you will survive this week, but then next week will come again and you will be excited for Hump Day again. Hump day is not for the creative or the ones who value work without boundaries. Three thoughts about Hump Day...

1. Clock-watchers. Clock-watchers are in your office or environment. They are everyday people who think about lunch breaks and set number of vacation days for each person. Hurry, you better use all your end of year vacation days. Clock-watchers have a narrow view of success or even life for that matter. They care a lot about hump day because they are miserable in their jobs.

2. Focus. Hump day is a sign that you need to get shit done before Friday because all the everyday people stop working on Friday at 5PM. Maybe sooner. Hurry, get your work done before Friday at 5PM OR just find a work time that works best for you. People who clock out at 5PM on Friday are not in control. They are fooled by the time and attendance policy.

3. Learn. Some people will give you warnings that you need to learn, but most people will not. It is your job to learn. School does not teach you that it is your job to learn. Be curious about why things work the way they work. School teaches you that you can figure out how to ace the test or the project. The light clicks on when you realize you can control what you are interested in and do work that way too. Look back at your life. When did the light click on? OR is has it not clicked on yet?...

Happy hump day. I hope this hump day is as good as your next one. Whatever day of the week that is for you.