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Does your data give you courage?

When is it too late to speak up? The tolerance to accept the decisions that have been made and march along like a good soldier is a decision itself. It is a scary place to be in when you later realize the decisions you made are wrong and you need to go a different direction... Imagine a doctor diagnosing you with a condition and being so attached to her diagnosis because it's was her decision to diagnose you. She later finds evidence that proves her decision was wrong. Would she keep marching forward? OR Would she have too much pride or perhaps feel too embarrassed to speak and say she is wrong? I hope for your sake, she would have the courage to say she was wrong.

At work, in business, in science all over the place we have lots of data to help us make our decisions. We can use financial data, feedback from others, etc. The key is getting valuable insights out of the data. How much are you willing to listen to what others have to say about the decision, then act?

The decision to use data to make your decision, is the decision you need to make. Continue to get more data to refine your decision. Getting data is a continuous loop and the idea of changing your decision based on data or predicting decisions should be tolerated.

Take the culture of an organization as an example. How do you know what data your people value, read, share or tweet? This is data worth knowing about your culture. It will help you appeal to what they value. Find out this data, then predict what the people in an organization will like or not like.

Data supports those feelings you have. Feelings are just feelings without data. Use data in your views and decisions to confirm your feelings in comparison to what is happening.

Use data to course correct. Use data as feedback and adjust your decision. Be careful of the type who get too attached to their decisions with old data. Those types usually have narrow minds. Speak up with data, then move. It is not too late to change your decision, if you have the data. Data gives you courage.