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3 Words To Ditch Your New Year's Resolutions

Two thousand and FIFTEEN, let's do this. Everybody - your New Year's resolutions will fail, just like every year. Do something different and pick three words to focus on for the year. For the long-time HR Hound readers you have seen this before. Credit Chris Brogan for the idea years ago. Click HERE for my 2014 words and HERE for my 2013 words.

Chose three words that resonate with you, both personally and professionally. Think about these words, 24/7. Some people chose one word per week. You can try that too, but for now chose three words. Below are my three words for 2015...

"Cultivate"- First known use for this word was 1665. Someone decided to "cultivate" their crops and the word became popular, I suppose. Either way, for 2015 one of my words will be cultivate.

I have a mind full of ideas, thoughts (good and bad), thousands of social media connections, old friends and acquaintances and family too. I need to nurture my good thoughts and ideas into actions and let my bad thoughts evaporate into the universe. I need to connect deeper with my connections in the form of phone calls and meet-ups. My connections are there for me to strengthen.

Cultivation is like a muscle that needs to be worked daily. The other day I had a simple call with Will Staney. We talked life, recruiting, his new life in San Francisco and his new gig as of Head of Talent at Twilio. Go Will! Who's next? Let's cultivate :)

"Loose" - Hang loose my friends. I can get too attached to ideas, plans (long and short term). In 2015 I need to stay loose with my ideas and plans. Not too laissez faire, but more toleration and less control.

Being loose in business means having a plan with several back-up plans. Plan A, B and Z. Being open to changing the plan to incorporate experiences, feedback and new ideas along the way. Being too rigid or forceful on a plan can drive selfish behaviors. Stay loose, Ben.

"What it takes" - Do "what it takes" to be happy or get the job done. Yes it's a phrase, not a word but I can't think of a single word that captures this thought. Doing "what it takes" means you have given yourself the authority to make the decision, to do something new or say what needs to be said. You do not need a specific job title to do what it takes. Just do it.

Lastly, a quick peek under the covers of something coming out soon. Gabe VillamizarStephanie Krieg and I have recored THREE episodes of our new podcast. Who are these people? Villamizar is a social media jovencito prodigy in the social selling space AND Krieg is a serious player in the culture, employment branding, HR and marketing space. Check out her blog, HR Culture Club. Right now she is at #CES2015 being sponsored by BMW, the car company.

Pick your three words. It's 6 days into the new year and I know your resolutions have failed. Happy New Year.