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Money & Talent: Will This Be Enough for your Talent Brand?

NBA basketball fans are aware of the disastrous season the New York Knicks are having. They have money to buy talent but is this enough?  Team President Phil Jackson sums it up in his comment below: "We're all worried about the fact that money is not going to just be able to buy you necessary talent. You're going to have to have places where people want to come and play"

Phil is worried about that money will not be able to fix their issues. Think about it. Phil is saying their environment is getting so bad that he is afraid he can't lure flashy NBA players people into the NY Knick organization with money.

Money, culture and talent. It is a balance. For your organization and the New York Knicks.

There are HR and Talent leaders at companies where the culture is terrible. It was once awesome and it turned bad. Villains (i.e., consultants and bad leaders) took over the company. You are one of the survivors left to fix it. You know money can't fix the culture.

The NY Knicks are dealing with a sh$% storm. Morale is terrible. Money is tied up into poor performers. Phil is being smart. He knows paying more money to get people to perform is not going to fix their issues. He knows their issue is in the environment. HR people call it a culture problem...

Money helps deal with the pain of work, but it only goes as far as the next paycheck. You need a place where people want to come and play.

People who obsess about money, are people not worth obsessing about.

Pay attention to happy people. They are often the curious people, who continually practice their game. They practice their game because they want to be damn good at what they do. They often end up with the money and talent too.