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#JeansFriday: Burritos and trends like "Jeans at Work"

Happy Jeans Friday. When you were a 3 months into the job you knew what you wanted. Not afraid of stereotypes, bullies or hidden elephants. You thought it was awesome you could where your jeans on Friday. Now...You can't change... Your boss.

Your neighbor's music.

Your team's language.

Your team's style of work or how they behave, etc.

For your own sake change for personal progress, not fame, fake words and certificates. In 1992, Levi's published a manual called "A Guide to Casual Business Wear" and sent it to 25,000 HR Managers across the U.S. Boom, #JeansFriday was born. HR people wanted change baby. No more suits!

Show up to a meeting with a bag full of burritos. Tell people instead of bagels or donuts at meetings, it will be bags of burritos. Become known as the guy/gal who started the trend of burritos at meetings. Since you are in HR, you better create a manual about proper food for meetings too. HR is not sexy, so make it sexy with bags of burritos.

Happy #JeansFriday. When you put on your jeans today, think innovation and new ideas. Think of the jean's pioneers who started that trend for you. Think burritos or something different. Change yourself.