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8 Good Acts of People Management

"People Management" as consultant Josh Bersin now calls it. Talent Management is so 2004. Hip people should call it, People Management. People Management is a broad topic, but HR people take such a narrow view with it. Good People Management is about doing good acts to help other people in the workplace. Good acts evaporates lies and makes the world a better place.

Show me a metric that measures someone's activity at doing good to others, hold people accountable to that activity and you will see a happy and profitable workplace. Zappos is like that. Other less famous, but happy and profitable places like Zappos exist too, but you get my point.

Metrics and tracking numbers is what you learned in MBA school. Building trust and dealing with conflict is what you learn out of school. Do good activity to build trust and deal with conflict, then talk metrics and numbers.

With a little help from Josh Bersin's list, below are 8 acts to focus on for People Management:

1. Good acts to make your culture stong(er). Find out where your organization spends good activity (i.e., time or money) against each one of your core values. This will tell you about what part of your culture you value.

2. Good acts to help a leader lead his/her team. Give feedback and methods to help them someone lead their team better. Start with the basics, like "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team".

3. Good acts to make your employment brand stronger. Start a blog, do something on social media, take people for breakfast and ask them to make your brand stronger. People want to see authentic content about your brand. Not fake videos and pictures. Terra is gradually growing #VueNation into a force to be reckoned with...

4. Good acts to increase the speed of hire and increase the quality of your hires. Have all your positions approved and find top people, then hire them fast. Hire a great recruiter like John. But you can't hire John because he is part of VueNation.

5. Good acts to improve someone's career. Give someone blunt feedback. Find out what they want to do, then help them get there. Sometimes they want to be a nurse and your company does not employ nurses. Be good and help them become a nurse.

6. Good acts to plan for the needed skills in your organization. Need someone with strong organization and leadership skills? Find that person, then hire them. People will thank you later.

7. Good acts to drive performance and accountability at work. Prevent "The Set-Up-To-Fail Syndrome". The syndrome where employees are always the ones to be blamed for the problem, never the manager. Help a leader create a more clear vision for their team, so employees better understand what is expected of them.

8. Good acts to improve and reduce the time it takes a new hire to reach full productivity. Create a kick-ass on-boarding program. HR creates a program, but managers own it. Hire someone to focus on it. A guy like Oumar does good activity with on-boarding.

Done. 8 good acts with a humble brag to John, Terra and Oumar for their work on VueNation.

I'm off it. I need to do good, just like anyone else. Actions speak louder than words. Am I like everybody else? I really don't know...