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Connections here and there

There is a way to connect with everyone, but do it one person at a time. In our connected economy it is risky to stay connected to only the six people here in your office... The internet has created giant circles of connections. What difference are you making in the circle/s you are connected to? Think bigger than party pictures on Facebook or famous people on Instagram.

Today's "high level" executive or leader has little to do with his/her title or status within a company. Power by position is good for a secret handshake or two inside a company, but few people value the secret handshake in our connected economy. Geography and big titles are out. Influence and connections are in.

People move. People change. People watch beyond your office walls. Connect with them.

Last week, almost 5,000 people attended a virtual online #SocialSelling summit organized by Gabe Villamizar. Connections were made here and there. These connections will be cultivated this year and after. One small 5,000 person example of connecting to an audience, here and there.