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Secret Tech Sauce Podcast Hits iTunes

After a few years, I have decided to launch a podcast, but this is a different kind of podcast. No scripts. No attachment to fame seeking fakers. This podcast is called "Secret Tech Sauce". It's on iTunes and soon to be on Stitcher, SoundCloud, Libsyn and more... Secret Tech Sauce is about adding value to the large circles of content creators, sharers, engagers and watchers. One episode at a time, one person at a time. This podcast is authentic, real and un-filtered.

Secret Tech Sauce is a way for me to move beyond blog posts to further connect, cultivate and create a community of people that do things that work and also not work. People who care about their work and people who work for a purpose, not for a status. My co-hosts are Gabe Villamizar and Stephanie Krieg.

In order to kick this off on the right foot, here is what I ask of you:

1. Click on our iTunes link:

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3. Click on the "Ratings & Reviews" tab

4. Give us "5 star" rating ;)

5. Write a positive review

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PS - In your review, if you mention the HR Hound sent will get a special something.