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15 Ways "They" Control You

15 "they" observations I hear: 1. "They" give you time off.

2. "They" give you a raise. "They" promote you.

3. "They" fire you.

4. "They" want you to believe in this person or that person.

5. "They" want you to belong to XYZ religious or political organization.

6. "They" think she is good or he is good.

7. "They" think she is bad or he is bad.

8. "They" did not renew your employment visa so you have to leave the country.

9. "They" did not give you a good interest rate on your house. Contrarily, "they" gave you a good interest rate on your house.

10. "They" do not want you to listen to that music. Rather,"They" want you to listen to this music.

11. "They" say you can't write. 

12. "They" say you can't speak.

13. "They" say you can't sell. 

14. "They" say you can't be you.

15. "They" ain't you.

"They" are attached to your mind because you let them attach to your mind. Listening to too much they is a lost way to lead.

If you let them, "they" control your mind. The. Second. You. Wake-up. Don't pursue "they". "They" is in your mind.

Who do you think of when you use or hear the word, "they"?