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Connecting beyond the "Organizational Chart"

Connecting with people is deeper than the "organizational chart". Successful families, tribes and organizations connect without an organizational chart. They know who cares and they connect with people who care about what they care about. Titles mean something, but not something in the big picture. The people who will move your cause forward are often not the people high on the organizational chart. In an authoritarian society you focus on the top and work your way down the organizational chart, but are the people at the top moving your cause forward?

It comes down to caring and control. The more you care, the more you can control, but it's not about controlling people or life. It's more about controlling your mind and where you want it to go.

Instead of an organizational chart, how about a chart with listings of what people care about? You can share what you care about and connect with people based on what they care about in life and work.

People caring about people is where real change and emotional connections happen. These caring interactions happen side by side and one interaction at a time, not at the top of organizational charts.

You can use the "organizational chart", but don't lead with it...