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Here Comes Your Everyday Mud

Fear is the mud in your eyes. We fear our job will go away.

We fear our edge will be lost and someone smarter and cheaper will come along to replace us.

We fear someone will be smarter than us.

We fear our business will fail.

We fear people will not accept us or like us. It is lonely when people say they do not like us.

We fear people will care if we fail and we will be judged by our failures.

We fear doing new things or thinking with different people because it hurts to push our minds to newer levels. Narrow minds can not see beyond their current level and open minds can develop beyond their current levels.

Everyone has a fear. The feeling of being vulnerable is the feeling of fear. That feeling before you speak in public, ski down a steep mountain, jump out of airplane, marry a gal/guy, asking someone for a sales deal, etc.

Fear exists in any organization, society or culture. Fear is the mud in your environment. Everyday people work in mud.

Lead yourself out of the mud.