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A Sample - Secret Tech Sauce Podcast

Marketers and everyday people - There are five basic human senses to pay attention to when marketing your product or service. Sight, hear, touch, taste and smell. Some scientists say they are more, but let's keep it to five for now and here's an audio sample from our "Secret Tech Sauce" podcast. I hope it stimulate's your hearing sense. This one is about the Sharing Economy with real stories of people who work in the Sharing Economy.

Find it useful? Give us a rating on Stitcher or iTunes. The clip above is from Stitcher. Stitcher has about 25,000 radio shows and podcasts. I know many of my HR Hound readers do not know Stitcher...

Audio is a wonderful way to build brand awareness, describe your product or cause and/or entertain your audience. Many companies sponsor podcasts for lead generation and brand awareness. Many people listen to podcasts for entertainment or knowledge. Many of you are listening to us AND I thank you.

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