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The Meerkat, The Fools and The Podcast

Catchy titles with words of power and emotion is an art in and of itself. You read the catchy title and click. The author of the content is happy because he gets more views, but the audience becomes a fool and tricked into reading terrible content. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Didn't President Bush say that once? Hey, nobody is perfect, but I digress.

For every 100 views your content gets, how many shares does it also get? Find that out. Focus on improving the shares. That will get people's attention.

Holding someone's attention takes time and effort. Getting views takes a catchy title. The hot start-up Meerkat (app to Tweet live video) is a force to be reckoned with, but here's the catch. The content kings and queens on that app must spend hours per day on that app to hold an audience attention and keep people watching.

Anyone can stream their video for views, but it will take time and effort to keep people watching.

Many reasons to use Meerkat and some reasons to wait to use it. Gabe mentioned it would be good for concerts, webinars, conferences, interviews and many more.

I recommend using it to brand your work, product or service throughout the day. Do not try to make a production out of it. You will lose your audience and your work. Keep it real and authentic.

Just work and let "The Meerkat" do it's job of building an audience with your streams. Do I still have your attention? Then read on for 6 more seconds then you can leave...

Our first Secret Tech Sauce podcast guest interview with DJ Waldow is now live. Click HERE to listen. In this episode DJ covers podcasting, digital marketing and the future of content marketing. Cool fact - DJ started the Marketo Marketing Nation Podcast.

Do I have your attention?