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Where do energy seekers get their energy?

Where do energy seekers get their energy? From. You. Workers attached to people in an office have a sentimentality to the people in that work office. Without knowing it, they suck each others energy and leave home tired for the day. The good and organized ones trade energy for the common good of the organization.

Most people are attached to the people they work with and have a desire to always see them. This is okay, but can become draining and depleting to your energy source when you have limited energy.

Why is energy a topic for me lately? Because I am days or hours away from adding baby #3 to Martinez Family Inc. I am not the one doing all the work, my wife is. Growing a human inside your body takes your energy. She is tough. I am just the one who needs to find more energy to keep our house going at optimal speed. Not complaining, just saying.

Gaining more energy is tough to do. We resort to drugs (i.e., caffeine, etc) for more energy when food and water are not enough. Developing a way to cultivate your energy is something you can do to keep life going strong. Exercise the mind and body. That is my drug of choice lately.

Being around people is good and fun, but also depleting to my energy source. Today - I choose to work from a coffee shop. Limited people interactions, my music, my podcasts and options to cultivate my energy, so I can have more energy to keep things running smoothly.

Have a great weekend people. Where do you get your energy?

Riff over.