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Them D@#$ #Meerkat people

2015 is well underway and your brand has a story, good or bad. Meerkat is a new app you are probably already tired of hearing about, unless you are in the dark. In short - Meerkat allows you to live video stream to all of your Twitter followers. Yes, I Meerkat. Do you?

The naysayers and haters say they do not have enough time to watch all the video and I agree, but get this statistic --> 20% of users watch a minimum of 2 hours per day, 8% watch a minimum of 3 hours per day and 4% watch a minimum of 4 hours per day. Waste time on those stats...

Video is not new, but finding new ways to use it is always new. This past week I introduced my new born baby Gabe to ~ 25 watchers on Meerkat. Special and different.

Then, last night I did a 60 minute Meerkat with 61 watchers. We riffed about tea, work, marketing, journalism and life...real conversations in social media speak. I had 21 likes, 108 comments and 18 retweets. Not bad for 60 minutes of "work". I think you call that brand engagement. Right?

New ways to engage via video is what Meerkat is. In 2015 you need something to bring out the authenticity of your brand. Pick a tool and use it. For now, mine is Meerkat.

People want relationships. People want to do something with the thousands of followers they have. Those people are inside of organizations and they make up your brand. Get to know them. Whether it's through Meerkat or something else...