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The Office Meddler

The office meddler can pose as a friend, but act as a spy. Meddling into someone's business without having their trust is bad while meddling into someone's business when you have their trust can be good. Why am I talking about meddlers? Because I work in an office culture with a lot of energy. I see bad energy (i.e., gossip, hurtful words, etc.) and I see good energy (constructive feedback, ideas to keep work moving, etc). I like to see and help the good energy spread.

Bad meddlers kill the good energy and spread the bad energy. Avoid people who meddle with bad intent. Find people with good energy and get them to connect more and more. Let them meddle into your business and you can meddle into their business too.

The work that is not on a spreadsheet or bar chart is the energy around your office environment. Great leaders pick up on that energy and use it to read between the lines. They are in tune with who is talking with who and why it is important. They see energy like a hippie sees pixie dust. Good leaders know when to get off the spreadsheet, meddle and taste the pixie dust.

If you don't see pixie dust, you might have trouble seeing the vital work that a leader does when he/she meddles. That is your issue, not anybody else. Develop a skill to meddle with good intent to the point where you can pick up vibes and energy from your meddling.

Talk to the office meddlers and see what their energy is like. Is it a good vibe? Is it a bad vibe? If it is a good vibe, then keep them in your tribe. Everybody meddles, but not everybody does it with good intent.

Use meddling to connect in a good way. Stop and feel the energy.