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9 Ways To Ruin Your Audience With A Blog

Below are 9 ways you can ruin your audience when you write a blog. 1. You don't write enough. Find out how much your audience wants to read your words. Every audience is different.

2. You write too much. Your audience finds you spammy. Yes, I get emails from people telling me I write too much.

3. You write poorly edited content. Try your hardest not to have typos, but move on if you do.

4. You offend your audience. I have a lost a few good (wo)mans because of my slang words.

5. You copy content and try to make it look original. Be authentic. Read good books and write about them in your own words (see pic of my current books. Yes, my books might look random, but keep reading). PS - KD your book made my list.

6. You only talk about you. Talk about you like 30% of the time and spend 70% of your time on other people/topics.

7. You never share with people the real you. You act guarded, not vulnerable. Just be you. Nobody cares, but you.

8. You talk about people with bad intent. Jealousy and fame seeking thoughts make you write bad words about other people. Don't go into the mud with people. You will look muddier than before.

9. You think creating content takes too much time and it is not your job. False - If you write a blog and have an audience - you need to keep their attention. They spend their time to learn from you and want to know what you are up to.

This past week I wrote about 2000-3000 words. I could not find anything worth sharing and published nothing. Pathetic. I didn't swing the bat. Many people have a content calendar - I should, but I do not. I like to be more random and not put boundaries on myself with a schedule of content.

Lastly - If you are looking for advice on how to start a blog, just do it 100 times or so. Write 100 blog posts and see how you feel. After 100 blog posts you will know if you want to continue with a blog.

Peace out - Ben