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Underground Provo, coffee and Python Code

Last week I spoke at Coding Campus, a small coding school in Provo, Utah. For my readers un-familiar with Utah sub-cultures, Provo is where the Mormon school, Brigham Young University (BYU) is located. Provo is known for its heavily Mormon influenced people and their sometimes overly attached beliefs to their religion. No coffee in this dojo Johnny! Coding Campus was different. They are about to buy their first coffee maker for their school. The Coding Campus school offers an intense and condensed training to give beginners the knowledge and experience needed to switch careers and get their job as a developer. The program is strong, but it also takes more than a program to be a good developer. The rest is up to the student's drive and ability to keep learning.

What I found fascinating about their program of 15 students is how diverse it was. There were people from the UK, Africa, Canada, New York, Utah and other places. All of them gathered for 12 weeks to learn how to code. They focus on Python code and the students are better than ugly (Hat Tip to the Zen of Python).

A particular funny moment was when a Canadian student was walking out the front door with his coffee mug. I asked where he was going...he said "down the road for a cup of coffee". I thought come on Provo, make a guy feel at home. He's a nice Canadian.

I later called Mark-Anthony Torrocha, the school's company relations honcho to inquire about the coffee thing. Mark-Anthony laughed and said, they are cool with coffee, they just hadn't bought a coffee maker yet. Coffee maker coming soon. In fact, when I called him he was at a coffee shop in Provo. I like the open mindedness.

What did I talk about in Provo at their kick ass Coding Campus? Culture, recruiting, employment branding, marketing, HireVue and family. Shit like that. And yes in this class, I said shit, damn, ass and hell. The swearing part... Yes, there are more intelligent words to use, but sometimes simple words are better than complex invented swear words. Below is a pic of me using simple swear words.

Ben @CodingCampus

Would I recommend this campus to someone else? Damn straight. These people are players and doing it in a place where different views and ways might not be welcome by the large majority. Like a church girl with a tattoo, they are doing it underground style.

Keep it up Coding Campus. Click #learndevculture, to see our engagement...