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Passive Candidates, Insecure Spouses & Poaching Talent

Been Caught Looking

The passive job candidate. She receives endless emails from thousands of recruiters that overwhelm her inbox. Some passive candidates will tease you with a well branded LinkedIn profile, but they won't return a call. Not even a damn email. Good thing technology like Poachable exists, but more on that later...

Changing jobs isn't easy for passive candidates either. Many are passive because they are good, scared of being caught looking, or comfortable in their current gig. I just had lunch with a passive candidate yesterday. He is scared to update his LinkedIn profile. Some passives know their employer is watching every move on LinkedIn and they don't dare connect. Their minds are being controlled, but they don't realize it.

Paranoia the Destroyer

Employers who think they can stop talent from looking are in the dark as well. Like an insecure spouse, they worry and create rules to try and prevent their top talent from looking. I bet they also get nervous when their spouse is on Facebook because they believe he/she will cheat. They don't trust themselves. They know they can't create a good environment where people want to stay, work and be happy. Not good.

Recruiting the passives is not the hard part, finding the passives is the hard part and finding passive talent is where recruiters spend a bulk of their time. Enter the product, Poachable. Poachable is for people who don't want their employer to know they are looking to leave. You (the passive candidate) fills out a profile, it's private and let Poachable match you to the companies based on your wish list. You get to rate your matches too, so the algorithm gets smarter with time.

Change is a Choice

What if you don't care what your employer thinks, but are just too busy with your current miserable job, to look for a better job? Poachable is good for that too. Let Poachable do the work for you while you keep your miserable day job and the system will match you to companies based on your wishes. With your permission of course.

Changing jobs is your choice. Recruiting top passive talent is your choice as a recruiter. Don't be late, don't be in a hurry. Do work that will be remembered, then move to your next gig. Be a recruiter and sign up for Poachable so you can be remembered as a recruiter who finds passive talent. For passive talent, come as you are to Poachable and let Poachable find your next gig.

Lastly...Click on one of my 10 links to Poachable and I will make damn sure you find a kick a$$ gig. Yes, I'm begging here. Email/tweet me/call me. I want you to be happy and I want you as a recruiter to be successful.