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Your Training Plan Is Like Karl "The Mailman" Malone's Free Throws on Sunday

When is the last time you read something inspiring from your Sales Leader? Was his content informing, inspiring and educating? If yes - then stop reading and don't bother subscribing to the HireVue Accelerate Blog. A blog that will deliver you incredible sales content better than Karl "The MailMan" Malone could deliver on Sundays.

Quick Background on Karl Malone

With only seconds remaining in Game 1 of the 1997 NBA Finals (Utah Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls), Karl Malone went to the free throw line with the game tied and a chance to give Utah the lead. Chicago Bull's, Pippen psyched him out beforehand by telling him "Just remember, the mailman doesn't deliver on Sundays, Karl." Malone missed both free throws and MJ went on to hit the game-winning shot for the Bulls.

Your Training Plan

Are you still reading? Good. You are like everybody else. You run your sales people through a couple of seminars every year and call it training. Did you know about 50% of training is lost five weeks after a training event and about 80% is lost 90 days post event. Weak sauce. Your money is walking out the door.

You need a way assure your Sales Reps are mastering the sales message and you are doing your job of coaching them. Consider HireVue video for Sales, but more on that later...

Most organizations (big or small) fall into five categories for a training budget.

1. Acceptable budget, no team to lead anything with the budget. No designated head of training or learning. What do you do? Build programs that require little administrative time. Outsource your training or build eLearning modules. Buy tools that are easy to use.

2. Have a Team but no budget. Training people with no budget need to be the jack of all trades, resourceful, connected and respected amongst your sales reps and sales leaders. Money is always a constraint, so make sure they are equipped with good technology to move the sales needle.

3. No Budget and No Team. Work on your consultative skills, find the pain in your organization and be able to articulate to any executive who will listen. Influence up, down and across to get money for training. Take the money you get and do something with it fast.

4. Big Budget, Big Team. This does not exist. It only exists in your school text books. In school nobody tells you that when you go work in a company, people do not value training and do not care if you develop your skills. It is up to you to care about training for yourself and your organization. Big Budget, Big Team - yeah, right...

5. Sr. Level Considerations. You got the money, but your C-suite thinks they are too good for the training. Dig in deep here. Good chance your training is lame and not engaging. Your style of training needs to be so good, your CFO will be dying to participate. Get CFO's bought it because they are the ones watching the money and you want them on your side.

Do Something

Fill your mind with good content, like the HireVue Accelerate Blog. You will not be sold to with this blog. You will be given content to help do your job so you can deliver on any day of the week. Even Sundays, if you want. Karl Malone could have used HireVue's content in 1997.

Training. Everybody is talking about it, but nobody is doing it. Do not be like the others. Get your mind out of the mud with your training approaches. Watch what people inside your organization are doing day in and day out, then do something to fix it.