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4 Un-Technical Tips To Being More Productive On A Computer

You will spend most of your life on a computer, working, playing and such. Why not make your time more productive, so you can do the things you need to get done? Below are FOUR tips - to being more productive with your tools of the computer. There is nothing technical about these tips. No apps, passwords or knowledge of new systems. Just a few small changes - Check em...

1. Speed up your mousepad or mouse. Go to system preferences (Mac users), click "mouse" or "trackpad" and double the speed of your mousepad. Make it go faster, if you can tolerate. Holy @#$t - boom... This change will make you feel like your computer just got faster because your cursor will move much faster.

2. Change your keyboard layout from your standard QWERTY keyboard to the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (see pic). People claim the Dvorak layout uses less finger motion, increasing typing rate, and reducing errors. This change will take time to get use to, but once you make the switch I hear it does wonders. Change is hard mang - I plan to change mine soon...

3. Use your non-dominate hand with your mouse. This change allows you to multi-task with your dominate hand. I made this switch about 10 years ago. I am 34% faster. Yeah right Ben. No but really - try it out. Hard at first, but you can cover the keyboard, phone and writing while mousing. Yes, I just made up that term - "mousing".

4. Lastly, your Mom was right. Make your bed the minute you get up in the morning. I don't do this because I am usually up before my wife, but make your bed if you are the only one in your bed in the morning. Making your bed will give you an early day accomplishment. It will make you feel like you did something productive already.

Do these tips if you are the pro in your industry looking for the edge. Your family will thank you because you will be home on time for dinner with enough day light to pick up dog poop, do the dishes and tuck the kids in for bed.