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#PersonalBranding - Millennial Style - Cara Parrish

Our culture places a huge emphasis on doing work the way it has always been done and hope you get recognized. Enter "Personal Branding", for taking control of being recognized. The term has been around since before my generation (HT Gen X), but each day millennials, some Gen X and a few baby boomers are creating the text book on personal branding. Last month we sat down with a branding expert, Cara Parrish - She knows social, marketing, branding and reality shows. Just a few short years ago she was a star on the MTV Reality show - "Buckwild". On our show, she talks about personal branding, modeling, mud fights and tattoos.

Cara is using social media better than most people I know. She has a brand and is authentic and smart in how she lives it. She is strong and smart enough to be bold in what she does and crazy enough to change the world. She is not the bitter business type looking to make a scene on social media. She knows how to leverage her personal brand to drive awareness and leads to her business or anyone's business for that matter. A good friend to know.

See the episode below.

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