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The text book that doesn't exist for your career

This past week I heard a talk by Dan Pallotta via #VUEDD15 that got me thinking... In the HR/Recruiting space I often get hit up for career advice. Usually someone wants more of something they don't have - more money, fame, recognition or responsibility. They want a text book to get them what they want.

Little time or attention is given to people who find their own way because they are curious, realize they have a better way for society or have data that the text book is wrong. They stopped waiting for the golden piece of advice.

When we find a better way, it's rarely when we are in the defined working space called an "office". Usually, it comes at a moment when we do not realize we are thinking. Did the idea come to you in the shower or in the 20 person meeting full of donuts, cantaloupe and coffee? Oddly, you get paid to attend the meeting with donuts, but people value your idea that came out of the shower...

We assume that everyone is making assumptions about their life and work, but is it safe to assume? There are true assumptions, not true assumptions and assumptions that you are not making assumptions. Assume that people are not making assumptions about their life and work. Make those assumptions for yourself.

I don't claim to have the meaning of life, but I assume it has something to do with finding people who want to find a better way and connecting with them. A better way is not more money, fame or self-interest. A better way is doing work that is better for society and beyond. Steve Jobs believed he could make a difference in the world and created tribes of people to make a difference with him, not to make more money or get more famous.

Find people who are interested in pushing our human race forward and grow your career with them. PS - there is no career ladder with these people.

Finding a better way will often mean taking a strong stance in one direction, breaking habits and starting new habits, challenging world views and being told you are crazy, not normal or not like the everyday people. The everyday people are the ones filled with anxiety because they seek to be normal in life. Doctors love them because they get to subscribe pills to them to make them more normal, then get paid money. Us humans are not normal, so be cool with being a not normal human.

The text book for your career is what everyone else wants or is claiming to live. Moving beyond the text book with data to support a better way for your career, is a more clear path to live and work. The hard part is finding and organizing your tribe to go the better way with you. They need to trust you and you need to trust them, then you can all do something...

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