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Vador Will Destroy Your Lead Generating Emails

Read the attempt at a "Sales Lead Generating" introductory email below, then let's talk after you wake up. If you hit delete, I understand because I did the same thing when I received the email yesterday... ___________________________________________________________________

Hi Ben,

I’ve recently had some conversations with a few others at HireVue about the company’s HR systems as well as Financial Management systems.  I know you aren’t in the middle of evaluations for those solutions now but, from what I’ve heard, it looks like XXXXX could potentially be a good fit for you down the road at least on the HR side, if not the Finance side as well at some point.  Our approach is to initiate contact very early on in the process in order to understand each of our prospects and what their unique needs and challenges are.  We don’t want to waste your time as a company responding to RFP’s in the future, knowing that XXXXX isn’t a good for you as an organization.  I know you’ve got a lot going on but I wanted to see when you’d have time either next week or the week following for a short conversation to explain XXXXXX to you a little more as well as to see if there is potential for a relationship in the future.   Let me know when you’d have a half hour block available and I’ll send over a calendar invite.



A few things are wrong with this email. First, it needs paragraphs. Three short and mobile friendly paragraphs would have been better. Second, be personal. Share something about me and my company, especially if you claim to know people at my company. Learn how to write emails with a bang. Subject lines matter too.

It's a competitive business world. Do not self select out with terrible emails. It gives you a bad name and your company a bad name. Especially if you are sending emails to HR pros. Many HR Pros are judgmental and behave like Lord Vador. They will shred a poorly written email and judge you. Out smart them and your competition.

All that said - What are you doing next week on Thursday? I will be speaking and participating in a Social HR Camp in Chicago. Interested? You will meet talented recruiters, HR pros, sales and marketing executives and innovative people. You will learn and have fun. Let me know. I would love to have you there. Lord Vador HR types are welcome too...