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Abandoning the need for approval

It's possible you work in an office full of the behavior and belief that approvals and head nods are needed for every little action you take. You want to expense that in-flight wi-fi for $8 bucks, so you can work on the airplane? Seek approval. You want to bring your candidate or customer prospect a bottle of wine? Seek approval. Ridiculous... You have approval bugs in your head and they are coming out of your mouth. Your need to get an approval is because you do not trust yourself to do something or maybe other people do not trust you. Work on trusting yourself and building trust in others. Brush out the approval bugs in your head by doing what you know is right for your business. Act. Do what it takes to land the top recruit, train the new guy/gal, market your product, get the sales deal or make someone's life better.

Instead of wasting your time, my time and everyone else's time asking for approval to do something, just do it, because you can do it. I'm not saying to buy expensive software without a plan or need for it, just because you want it. I am saying that most of us get psyched out on gaining approvals. These approvals become bugs in our head.

This past week I was at a social HR conference. Much of the talk was on why HR can not do things in their organizations. The typical theme of not being able to do employment branding or social media because marketing or their boss will not allow them, etc. There was also marketing people who said they couldn't do it for some other approval type reason.

It is sad to see that smart people get paid to seek approval instead of acting. They are afraid to act in their company and make everyone's life better. It is un-common for people to abandon the need for approval.

The universal questions, should always be..."Is it the right thing to do for your business?" AND "Did I inform the people who will be impacted and adjust as needed?" If so, then do it. Someone is paying you to make decisions and act. Not worry about seeking approval...