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Respect: Earn your right to use the "Feet On Desk" Pose

During your office walk arounds see who uses the "Feet On The Desk" pose. At first glance, it looks like nothing, but dig in deeper and see what you know about the person with his/her feet on the desk... - Do they lack power or influence and are making up for their lack of power by putting their feet on the desk? Studies show the feet on the desk pose makes someone feel dominant and powerful. 

- Are they using the feet on the desk pose to get confidence to say a big idea or take a risk? Give them a pat on the back and encourage the idea if it's a good one. 

- Are they damn good at their job? Michael Jordan. He could put his feet on a desk if basketball was an office job. 

- Are they not that good and clueless about what sign they are sending with the feet on the desk pose? You know the type. The office jock who doesn't get out enough, but likes to look good with his/her feet on the desk...

It comes down to self-awareness. Almost always does in organization behavior. All the way from what you say or do to where you put your feet.

Yes - I have put my feet on my desk before. Once because I had a broken leg and needed to elevate my leg at work and the other time I was lacking self awareness and thought I owned the workplace. Yes...I was later humbled.

Who puts their feet on the desk in your office? Have they earned the right?

PS - The "Feet On The Desk" pose is now sometimes called "The Obama" because many pictures exist with his feet on the desk...