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Leading with the Triad - Three vs. Two

Consider triads. A triad is when three individuals meet to connect and share. Three individuals, not two. The basic theory behind a triad relationship is that every member is responsible for preserving healthy relationships between all members of the triad. I discovered it on one of my summer reads, "Tribal Leadership". There is no leader of the triad, rather they are bound by shared values (communication, transparency and respect). At work the triad goals could be to hit a sales number, get sales leads, hit project goals, recruit top people or implement a new process. Every member in the triad is responsible for preserving the healthy relationship between all members of the triad. One voice and one focus. Love wins baby.

Leading teams is hard work. Working in triads is an easier way to collaborate within a bigger team and make your teamwork easier and leading teams more effectively.

You need continuous team collaboration and networking to happen well before, during and after your team meetings. Doing your work via 1:1 discussions and relaying information from one discussion to the next is exhausting. You grow tired discussing the same message with several people and burn out. Also being the only guy/gal to know everything isn't good for collaboration in teams either.

Your job as the HR guy/gal is to find ways to connect people that will provide benefit for everyone and establish an environment of collaboration. Create a triad with your CFO, CEO and CHRO, but do not get hung up titles. Focus more on the values and work to be done. Create triads at different levels, such as with a sales leader and marketing leader. Triads are not an HR thing either. Every leader should do them. Use triads to support a new project or big change. Use it to discuss strategy or issues faced during the change.

Don't be a dweeb and call it a triad though. Just do it and watch synchronization happen. Synchronize with everyone in the triad.

You will spend much of your work life time in meetings or conversations trying to get other people to do something. They want the best of you and you want the best of them. Create one triad, then create multiple ones after that. Get over yourself and the private meetings. Lead with people who want to lead and connect with other people in a triad. The three of you can do more than one.