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Talent Attraction: A workplace where you can say what you want

Working in a place where you can say what you want requires strong muscles of tolerance. You need to tolerate the DB (Delta Bravo) who is always there to say something about your job or beliefs. They are wired differently you. Tolerate them. There are two ways to behave when you work in a place where you can say what you want.

1) You can strive for personal domination over everyone. Say stuff like, "I'm great at sales and you are not" OR "I can code better than you" OR "I am holier than you". In other words, I am the dominant one and I win.

2) You can strive for life is great with everyone. Say stuff like, "We are great at sales and making a difference with our product or service" OR "We just made someone's life better today because of the product we created" OR "Life is great, let's make history together". In other words, we are great and going to make an impact in the world.

Both are options and both will attract people based on your words. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Isn't that talent attraction?

Option #1 will make you think you are good, but you will be continually disappointed that not everyone is as good as you.

Option #2 will make you wonder about the mark you will leave in our world or your organization when you are gone.

There is no competition with anyone when you use words that align with life is great. Your competition is how much impact you will make as a team when you are gone or the team disbands.

Using derogatory words will attract people who also use derogatory words. You can say what you want and you will get what you want...

AND I can say what I want because life is great.