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Pushing the rope with learning

Driving learning inside of organizations is like pushing a rope, you have no control over it. There are two levers you can pull in a company... 1) levers you can control 

2) levers you can not control.

Trying to control people to learn with technology, philosophy or strategy is outside of your control. Instead, inspire them to learn something with a vision. A good and aligned vision will control where people go.

Learning is a choice, not a force or mandate. If you want me to learn how to sing music, you can force me and I will do it to keep my job, but not because I made the choice. Find someone to inspire me with music. More on singing below.

The primary job of every person in a company is to help the company win. Yes, each of us has our job (IT, Finance, Sales, Engineering, HR, Legal etc.), but your primary job is to help the company win. Always focus on helping your company win.

People design their life based on their mission and dreams they are pursuing. Know their dreams and how they align with the company's dreams. Help them do their job better so that everyone wins. Do you know your team's dreams? Do they know yours?

A company is successful when people know their primary job and are pushing each other's dreams to make their company win. If not, you are pushing a rope trying to get people to learn something new, thus wasting your time.

Example - See video below. Credit - Stephen Jones for aligning his passion with his job and HireVue's mission. It's clear Stephen has a passion for writing and singing song lyrics + his ability to sell.

A few questions for the "Learning/Training/Enablement" people out there. Do your people learn like this video? Are you contributing to their problems or helping them overcome their problems? What can you do about it? What can you learn from it?

Stop pushing the rope. As the song on the video goes, get the call off your shoulder...