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Hey - I'm working - come see what I wrote...

Doing your work out loud and in the open allows you to be seen amongst all who care to see what you are doing. Writing blog posts, sending emails, tweets, Secret Tech Sauce podcasts, text messages, phone calls etc. Hey, look at me I am working, see what I wrote... As I type these words I am in sitting in a trailer in Standish, Maine. Nobody cares what I am working on in Standish, Maine.

The deceptive part of writing on a blog is your audience does not know when you are working or not. They only see your work when it is published. It took several drafts to write this post, but you only see this piece of writing after I hit the publish button.

Here's a simple blogging strategy for anyone trying to write in a bloggers world: Be authentic, share when you care, write for yourself.

Write often, but do not care when you publish.

Speak your mind.

Do not care 'bout' grammar.

Be human, be kind and pay attention to the world around you.

Laugh at the stupid shit you write.

Not everyone will read what you write, not everyone will keep reading what you write. But that's okay, you don't need everyone to read your work anyway.

When in doubt, look at people who suck at their religion and write a story about them.

PS - For this weekend, click HERE for episode 10 of our Secret Tech Sauce podcast. We cover "Employee Advocacy & Branding" on this one. Learn how to transform your employees into experts, contributors and influencers for your brand.