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Where is your vision leading us

Mastering your trade, art or idea is personal until you share your vision of how you see the world with others. Sharing your vision is a way to get others to join you in what you are doing. Personal mastery comes first, then sharing your vision is next. Skip the personal mastery and your vision looks cloudy to you and others... Sharing your vision and getting people aligned on your vision is hard. You either have not mastered what you want to share or you are having a hard time trusting that others will believe your vision. Each person has their own values and ways of doing work or living their life. They are not interested in changing, nor should you try to change them with your vision. Just start with sharing your vision.

Is your vision to create something that will change the world?

Is your vision to be kind without expecting a payback?

Is your vision to create a company better than all other companies?

Is your vision to make money?

Is your vision to find and work with talented people?

Is your vision to work at this job until you find a better job?

Is your vision to take your company public or sell or just continue kicking ass?

Is your vision to have the best place to work?

What. Is. It.?...

Have dialogue with others. Again, do not seek to change or convert others to your vision. Just talk about your vision. Experiment with what you believe is the truth behind your vision. See if you can create language that deals with the complexities of your vision and open up yours and everybody's minds to deep structural or emotional issues related to your vision.

Do not get caught up in who is right or wrong with the vision, personalities, leadership styles or attitudes. Worrying about always being right is how a fight starts.

Encourage innovation and experimentation with your vision and listen to other people's visions. It is risky to not share your vision. Keep doing this and maybe you can call yourself a "learning organization" or something.

Explain your vision, then do something with the vision. Check back in and learn from what you heard, then adjust as needed. In a sense, the goal is the vision. It takes work to work this way, but people will know where you are going.