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The placebo effect of work

There is nothing in a placebo drug that will affect your mental health. If the placebo drug is viewed as helpful, it will help you. If it is viewed as harmful, it will harm you. Usually your mind creates the illusion of what the placebo drug is supposed to do and then your mind does it. In medicine it's as if researchers want the placebo drug to fail and their drug to work. Shouldn't it be the other way around so we want the placebo to work?

Placebo drugs have no side effects. Your expectations before taking a placebo drug is what the drug will do to your mind and body. How often do we create a monster in our head about a work project or expect that work colleague to be tough to deal with? We have given our mind a placebo drug and created a monster of the situation.

The most disappointing thing we can learn about ourselves is that we already have the power and energy within our mind and body to make a change. We trick ourselves like a placebo drug tricks our mind and do what the placebo is supposed to do (make us feel good or bad). The change was within us all along.

What makes a vacation, a vacation? What makes a work day, a work day? Is it the change of scenery? Is it because we let go of control? We get to take our work clothes off and put our shorts and T-shirt on? What makes it okay to say we are off the clock?

The mind frame you bring to your work is your idea of work. The words you use to talk about work, is your work. People pay people for what is in their mind and what they share out of their mind. It is mindless to think you are being controlled by some make believe human or animal called "work". You are your work.

As for vacation, can't everyday be a vacation? The mind frame you bring to your vacation, is your idea of vacation. It is mindless to think you are on vacation because you get to do something other than what you have made yourself believe is work.

Yes, there is work, there's always been work. But that doesn't mean we should get fooled by the placebo effect that work is terrible and vacation is fun. Everyday can be a vacation and everyday can be work.