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Who owns your day - You or The Barista?

The other morning I failed at owning my morning and as that ole saying goes "If you win the morning, you win the day." For starters, I slept terrible then woke up late, which is no excuse. The world and our universe never stops and it certainly will not stop for my bad night's sleep. As my day went on, I was rushed. Slowly realizing I was losing my day. Less time to meditate, less time to be with my kids, less time to workout and no time to test out my new $20 French press coffee maker, BUT more time to listen to some know it all guy get on his soap box. I was being owned by the day.

I later stopped into Starbucks. First, I admit that I am starting an expensive habit of ordering the special Starbucks brew, The Clover. The Clover is about double the cost of a regular brew but Starbucks uses the Clover brewing system to control the water temperature, brew time and extraction to get the best flavor from the coffee. The cup is good like a cocaine brew (please note - I have never tried cocaine. Sounds too addictive for my lifestyle, but it sounds awesome to say cocaine brew).

By the time the barista was done with my coffee I reached over the counter to grab my cup when she said...

"Wait. Company policy says I can't let you take this cup without a lid because you could burn yourself. "

Me: "Oh okay".

I took my cup with its lid and thought: What does she care about most? Burning me or following her company policy? Yes, I get it - Starbucks wants to be safe, but shouldn't she care more that I do not get burnt vs. following company policy.

In short, own your morning so you own your day. Do not get stuck at Starbucks analyzing a barista's decisions about how she handles your coffee. You have more to offer in this world. By the way - I made my first cup of French press this morning while spending time with my family. Good chance, I will own today.