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Working with Non-Compliant workers

At massive companies speed and access to opportunities breed non-compliance workers. When things move too slow people get frustrated and ignore the bureaucracy, then non-compliance creeps in. The command and control leaders can't handle the non-compliance and seek to control others, but then a competitor or more powerful and influential leader comes along and changes everyone's perception of the massive company or even the world. Non-compliant workers are tough to ignore. They are not bad. They are different. They are so good they get you to believe in a different way of the world. You have no power over the non-compliant worker and that is why you are afraid. Let. Them. Be. Rules and procedures will not change them or you.

The workers who do not edit the Powerpoint charts, the workers who have a better explanation of company politics or the workers who can pitch the company services better than the "approved" pitch. These non-compliant workers get other people to change their thinking. These workers believe they can make a difference in the world.

GE killed its annual performance review after thirty years. Imagine how many frustrated minds and careers were decayed over those thirty years? I submit to say it took a teams and tribes of people at GE focused on culture, hiring top talent and building cool stuff to get leaders to do a "sea change". They were being non-compliant towards the annual performance review...

The next time you want change at your company, be the change and find others who will be the change with you. Do it with good intent and you will have no trouble with compliance.