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Does size matter? #TalentConnect

Our world fools us into thinking "more" people, more money or more time is better. More can be overwhelming and people get harder to control and coordinate when more people enter the crowd. So yes, size matters but the smaller crowds and start-ups are a force to be reckoned with in a big market. Check out Mapbox. A mapping platform for thousands of websites and apps. They have a niche in a big market but faster than Google's maps platform with far less people (less than 200) than google. Mapbox can update their maps everyday while Google can update their maps twice per YEAR. Mapbox - fast, Google - slow. Speed wins.

Bigger is not always more powerful or speedier. Speed wins almost always.

How about Uber? Uber is growing faster than Google was during Google's first five years, but is it a good thing for Uber to add more people? Uber appears to be unconsciously hiring people by the thousands because they believe more people = more power. Yes Uber is on fire but imagine what small guy/gal on the side is getting ready to run faster than Uber.

I just left a conference of 4,000 people at LinkedIn Talent Connect. With just four us being active on social media, we hustled thousands of people to engage with us in person to drive more awareness and leads to our HireVue brand. People thought we had a large army, but we did not. We spoke on stage, we connected with new and old friends and we thanked people for their time. This took minimal coordination with no boundaries. Speed wins.

Hat-tip to hustlers...




The Stealth one - Dave Hui (missing from pic)

First timers -  Brianna and Elisa.  (missing from pic)

Start small, then grow and expand. Notice what changes as you get bigger but no matter your size - always work on your speed game. Below is John and I on stage during our talk and a few of us hustling. Next year - we will play bigger.