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Have an engagement issue? Run a few Plays...

Engagement continues to be an issue. Less than one third of the US workforce is engaged in what they do. In short three people on your team of ten will go above and beyond the call of duty today... Consider using "Plays" with your team or organization. Most organizations or teams have a few big initiatives each year where everyone needs to rally behind the initiative so your company can win. The initiative might be a new product, end of quarter focus, new process, new behaviors to develop, office expansion, acquisition or customer/company event. Call each initiative a "Play".

Getting everyone involved in the "Play" engages people in your company. People typically want to help, but they are usually not involved in the big "Plays".

With a "Play" everyone has a role with the initiative and temporary in nature (1 to 3 months). Yes, you can work on individual projects as much as your entrepreneur heart needs to, but when a "Play" is being performed you need to stop and help people win the "Play".

Zillow practices "Plays". They rally behind company wide initiatives. In 2011, they called a company wide "play" around mobile because mobile was critical to their business that year. They have done plays on revenue growth, search engine optimization and so on.

What "Plays" are you running at your company or team? You might not call them plays, but I know you have important initiatives. Run a "Play". You have people who want to be involved.