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How many crap storms have you survived?

A crap storm (using crap vs. shit - trying not to offend you with language) will last as long as you let it. Crap storms surprise you like a slow guy on the tennis court with bad form. You are supposed to win the tennis match easily, but now stuck in a tiring 3 hour match in the wind and sun. Crap storms starts out small. Maybe it's the tolerable employee who continues to do things that hurt your team/company, the deal that sounded easy but now you spend too much time/money on it or the company reorganizations that hurt innocent people and seem to last forever.

A crap storm makes us feel alone and afraid. Surviving alone and afraid feelings will build your muscles of turbulence. You have to learn how to be happy in a dark place. Bad bosses, good bosses, job changes (good or bad), fast growth, good/bad economy, illness, body changes, good/bad experiences - all impact our mind and feelings. Embrace the turbulence - build your muscles.

It is a matter of perspective. If you view bad situations like a crap storm, then know it will pass and you will be stronger when you survive it. Everyday people will want to give up, but do not be like an everyday person. Crap storms are temporary.

I want a candidate who has been through resilience and turbulence. The gal who has lived through tough times in business. They can handle crap storms. They do not have a rich daddy to bail them out. They rely on their own strength to get out of the crap storm.

More people want to work with a crap storm survivor because they are strong.

Our (@GabeVillamizar and @StephanieKrieg ) podcast - Secret Tech Sauce - has been through some crap storms. We haven't released an episode in a few months because we went through a crap storm or two...

We are back and stronger than ever with many more episodes coming. Check our most recent episode HERE - Reflections, Riffs & Chats. We talk about doing what it takes to record and release 10 episodes with a sponsor. Something few have done.

PS - for non Apple product people go HERE to listen on Stitcher.