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#TwitterPolls - the idea needs to marinate

Twitter polls were released this past week (see my polls below). Good idea, but the ongoing use for Twitter Polls needs to marinate with me.

Thanks @gabevillamizar - for the nudge to use Twitter Polls. If I do not thank Gabe for his social media advice he complains, but I doubt he ever reads my blog - so whatever.

How should I use Twitter Polls? Brands, media, sports and oh yes...Presidential elections are already onto Twitter Polls. My initial thought on Twitter Polls was "cool", but after voting and casting polls I want more than two voting options. I am mouthy and my voice can't be heard over two options. Can we add a 12 character comment box?

A quick poll of my Twitter audience told me that most (79% of 19 voters) of my audience fits in with their company cultures and many (56% of 18 voters) people have a boss that does not inspire them. Am I the boss that does not inspire them? Either way, know that many people are not inspired by their boss. Be a boss and fix that.

I typically write on leadership or culture in many of my posts, so that is why I asked questions around leadership and culture. Here's my take. Twitter Polls are worth checking out. Concern is brands will turn polls into spam and nobody will take a poll serious.

What are you thoughts? Do you think you fit in with your company culture? Does your boss inspire you? Do you give a damn? Yes/No OR Keep Marinating.