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A Conversation With ProtoHack Founder Cole Fox - Secret Tech Sauce Podcast

Email Subscribers - sorry for the random email on Tuesday titled, "Why The Hell Are We Doing This?" Blame this guy - Riley Carrasquillo. He has a helpful podcast on programming and tech too, click HERE for his Web of Tomorrow pod. He is helping me to integrate my Secret Tech Sauce podcast into my blog. This is something new for me and when you learn something new, you need to fail to learn. In short, I did not realize email subscribers would get sent an email when I upload a new podcast. Anyways...

Episode 12 of Secret Tech Sauce features ProtoHack Founder Cole Fox. Cole is someone I have known for years and between his travels he has been a key sales producer and entrepreneur at LinkedIn (earlier days), Blogging4Jobs, WePow and many others. His recent production, ProtoHack, is doing incredible things for the entrepreneur and startup community.

We recently had the opportunity to sit-down with Cole in what turned out to be a good story on his life and his purpose for starting ProtoHack. Good business is about having good purpose and that is just what he is doing. Click play below to listen.

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Enough of my writing - now on with the podcast - see below.

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