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Do Not Let Media Do The Only Talking

Last week I was in Seattle on a rainy night and found myself glued into random news stories on television. At home, I do not own a TV so watching the news has become foreign. Here is my take - Media can paint a picture for you to heighten any story. They are paid to create stories that will make people worry or watch. Media will bring people apart by showing negative images about race, religion or whatever. Media creates a story based on a couple interactions with people which they then try to get you to believe their one side of the story. Who is responsible to find out the other side of story? Who, in media, is responsible to bridge the gap?

When you keep seeing the bad images about a certain race or religion, it bothers you or anyone. I was bothered, alone and worried watching TV media news in Seattle. Nothing good is happening according to the news but only if you let media do the talking.

Who is responsible in the media for these nothing good happening stories? How about we stop interviewing people and and stop putting labels on them.

How about we just let people talk? If we can talk about it, then we can do something about it. Talking about conflict without fighting is better than watching and worrying about conflict based on TV media.